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The main conclusions from the G-12 World Plastic Surgery Summit are as follows:

About the use of Stem Cells, it is said that:
1. Although there is a huge potential for the future use of stem cells in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, it is required to follow protocol already checked, and that they comply with the safety and legality established rules. This huge potential comes from the techniques already in use at the moment, with satisfactory results, like the use of growth factors for facial rejuvenance and the boldness, as well as the use of stem cells for improving the fat grafting in aesthetic surgery (e.g. body contouring). Another application of regenerative medicine, carried out by Dr. Izpisúa, is the treatment of progeria, congenital rare syndrome that accelerates the aging process and produces a very premature death.

Dr. Izpisúa has achieved to develop a cellular and molecular model where to asses the efficacy of different chemical products in vitro. This kind of discoveries obtained in research laboratory related to regenerative medicine will allow us to have a better understanding of the human physiological process, like aging, which was studied only in animals so far.

2. In the use of stem cells, it is necessary to distinguish between procedures that do not require a previous manipulation or programming of the mentioned cells (as it could be the use of growing factors or stem cells obtained from autologous fat without having been previously manipulated before using them in the same patient) or the procedures that use previously programmed stem cells in regenerative medicine. The first ones only need a protocol approved by the ethic committee of the same clinic or hospital; and the second ones have to be framed within a clinical trial regulated by the National Drug Agency.

3. Although the law does not specify on the use of stem cells for "aesthetic use", the G-12 shares with the European and American Health authorities the recommendation of its application under a specific protocol, with a patients consent and under the approval of the Code of Ethics Committee of the hospital or clinic.

4. The expression "therapy with stem cells" should not be used if the stem cells that are implied in the aesthetic surgeries are autologous and exist in these tissues in a natural way. This expression must be kept for surgeries that require stem cells previously manipulated.

5. The legal framework of the stem cells use says that it is legal to harvest, transport, store and take them back for its application in the infiltration processes, only if they have not been manipulated without a special authorization.

6. It is essential to build bridges between laboratories of basic science and/or clinics or hospitals that carried out clinical applications.

About plastic surgery in Africa, it is said that:
1. The main need of the African continent is to have qualified plastic surgeons available; therefore, training and international collaboration in this way is a challenge for the specialty.

2. A regulation for plastic surgeons who want to cooperate in Africa or other non developed countries/continents must be established in order to be aware of the real life in the country, and its help is given conscientiously.


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DATE: 15-16 JUNE 2012



The Summit 2011

First Edition

Clinica Planas, after 40 years devoted to plastic surgery, has decided to host the G12 World Plastic Surgery Summit.

This new Summit that will gather periodically will be constituted by the most representative and recognized specialists of worldwide plastic surgery, those that due to their career, recognized teaching or presidency of a scientific society, contribute with their participation and experience to shape the future of our speciality.

The purpose of this Summit is to reach a consensus on protocols referred to our speciality, and in this first edition, the summit will be more focused on regenerative plastic surgery.

G12 Members

  • Jorge Planas, M.D.



    Download Curriculum Vitae
  • Theodore Voukidis, M.D.


    Trustee of the ISAPS (International Society Aesthetic Plastic Surgery)

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  • Ivo Pitanguy, M.D.


    An eminent and worldwide recognized plastic surgeon.

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  • Moshe Kon, M.D.


    General Secretary of EURAPS (European Association of Plastic Surgeons).

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  • Jaume Masià, M.D.


    President of SECPRE (Sociedad Española de Cirugía Plástica, Reparadora y Estética)

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  • Asrat Mengiste, M.D.


    Reconstructive Surgeon of the African Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF).

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  • Brigitte Pittet-Cuénod, M.D.


    Service de Chirurgie Plastique, Reconstructive et Esthétique Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève.

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  • Marco Gasparotti, M.D.


    Worldwide recognized plastic surgeon.

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  • Phillip Blondeel, M.D.


    Professor of Plastic Surgery. Department of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. University Hospital Gent.

  • Milomir Ninkovic, M.D.


    Head of Department of Plastic, Reconstructive and Hand Surgery, Burn Centre. Hospital Munich Bogenhausen. Technical University. Munich.

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  • Valerio Cervelli, M.D.


    Member Director and Professor of the Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive School and President of Centro Polifunzionale di Medicina Rigenerativa. Università degli Studi di Roma "Tor Vergata".

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  • Claudio Angrigiani, M.D.


    Head of Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Hospital General de Agudos Francisco Santojanni, Buenos Aires. Argentina.

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Scientific Committee

  • Jorge Planas, M.D.


    Medical Director. Plastic Surgeon. Clinica Planas. Barcelona (Spain). President of the G12 Scientific Committee.

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  • Eduardo Anitua, M.D.


    Scientific Director of the Biotechnology Institute (B.T.I.). Álava (Spain). Research on implant techniques and tissue regeneration.

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  • Javier Bisbal, M.D.


    Clinica Planas. Eminent and recognized plastic surgeon. Barcelona (Spain)

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  • Carlos del Cacho, M.D.


    Clinica Planas. Past-President of the Catalan Society of Plastic, Aesthetic, and Reconstructive Surgery. Barcelona (Spain)

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  • Arturo Carbonell, M.D.


    Clinica Planas. Eminent and recognized plastic surgeon. Barcelona (Spain)

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  • Juan Carlos Izpisúa, PhD


    Professor at The Salk Institute of California. San Diego (U.S:A.) and Director of the Center of Regenerative Medicine in Barcelona (Spain)

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  • Gabriel Planas, M.D.


    Medical Subdirector. Plastic Surgeon. Clinica Planas. Barcelona (Spain)

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History of the Clinic

Clinica Planas, a centre with 40 years experience

Clinica Planas, with 40 years experience, is the biggest centre of Europe at the moment specialized in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery.

The healthcare area is focused on supra-specialized surgeons and healthcare staff, and it is located in a 12.000m2 facilities devoted exclusively to our speciality.

The Founder: Jaime Planas

Professor Jaime Planas was one of the pioneers of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, whose knowledge acquired and learned by experience in the United States. When he came back to our country, he spread it and trained hundreds of worldwide surgeons.

Research & Teaching, Pillars of the Centre

As Professor Jaime Planas wanted to spread and teach the speciality of Plastic Surgery, he founded in 1990 the Jaime Planas Foundation, focused on research and teaching.

It works through resident grants, congresses, conferences as well as national and international courses; besides the publication of scientific articles. On the other hand, it carries out a supportive, humanitarian and social work.

While Professor Jaime Planas designed and created several surgical techniques, widely worldwide used; Dr. Jorge Planas, plastic surgeon and current Medical Director of the Clinic, introduced the antiaging medicine in Spain in 2000. At the moment, he is working in stem cells, and opening with the regenerative medicine a new horizon for plastic surgery.

  • Ferran Adria

    The Dali of the Spanish cuisine, raised internationally to the category of myth, is considered to be the first greatest master of worldwide cuisine.

    Time magazine included Adrià in the list of the 100 more influential people of the world, and he has appeared on the cover of Le Monde and The New York Times.

    He is an original, singular and creative person, the Spanish great chef that goes beyond borders, from the kitchen up to the highest worldwide recognition.

  • El Bulli

    The coming month of July, El Bulli will arrive to the end of its life as a restaurant and will become a centre of creativity.

    Ferran Adrià will host, in a unique and never-to-be-repeated exclusive event, the G12 members in his restaurant before El Bulli disappears. A full privilege….. and a pleasure for the senses.